Once Upon A Time in Glasgow

Once Upon A Time in GlasgowLivre numérique

John Watson

Editeur : Wilson Neil Publishing Digital

Date de parution : 20/08/2011

EAN : 9781906476571

9,10 €

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A history of the city of Glasgow from its earliest beginnings, presented in episodic format based on a series of articles first published in the "Evening Times" in the 1970s. The contents cover personalities such as Hawkie, who was one of the city's most famous street hawkers and without whom no public hanging would have been complete; Jamie Blue, who took the law into his own hands to defend the rights of Glasgow's citizens, and Blind Alick, who saw everything! Riots and civil disobedience feature strongly as these were sometimes the only ways for the mob to vent their frustration and anger at the city fathers. As well as personalities, there are places and events, disasters and fairs, body snatchers and religion, trams and pubs, royalty and ships, and markets and murders to mention but a few. In short, this is a comprehensive and entertaining insight into Glasgow, its people and its history.

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